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Hi, all. Well, here’s my very first blog entry. I’m looking forward to this. It should be fun, or work, or both. My goal is to reflect on my experiences and offer some leadership and life-related tidbits, stories or philosophies of interest. How’s that for keeping the possibilities open?

For example, I regularly come across communication barriers in the workplace. Go figure. And I might be able to offer examples of challenges and considerations for resolutions. Whether I’m personally experiencing leadership successes or challenges, or vicariously experiencing them through my clients, I hope to share ideas or philosophies that may help you as you navigate through your day-to-day. Or, I’m sure I’ll have much to share as it relates to life balance in the midst of today’s crazy expectations in the workplace.

I call my blog GET REAL because in the midst of establishing our roles as professionals, we are human beings, all experiencing very similar gut-level ups and downs. So I want to keep this real. I want to get real and stay there, and I want to help you maintain who you really are regardless of the varied roles you are fulfilling in your personal and work environments.

I hope you come back. If so, and you have anything to offer in the subject area you’re reading about, please email me, and I’ll be sure to include your perspective in future entries.

By the way, it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m working, which is OK because I’m choosing it. Choice. Ah, another subject for future pondering. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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