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A quick tool to help with Overload Mode

Our daughter gave birth to her first baby last week. It’s a very exciting time for us. In my efforts to be supportive of her and spend a little time with the newest member of our family, I took a couple of afternoons off, in addition to the full day I spent at the hospital on the day of the baby’s birth.

Here’s the challenge: I’m swamped with work. And because I took a few days off, my meeting schedule and workload are extremely heavy. So I worked over the weekend, and I could feel the stress as I started this week, with all that awaited me.

When I feel myself heading towards overload mode, it helps to ask myself this question about what’s on my plate: Which of these things absolutely, without exception, MUST be done today?

There are always actions that can be put off without compromising your service to your clients or internal customers. Your MUST DO TODAY list will reflect the true pressures of the day, versus the overwhelming mind clutter of all that needs to be done. The key is being able to focus. Small tool, big impact. Hope it helps.


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