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Step this way…

Stepping up to the mirror to take a look at our own need for development is not an easy task, even when we’re willing. We also need to remember to look for the reflection of our strengths, because it’s leveraging our strengths that will have the most impact on our effectiveness as a leader (more later on this topic).

As a coach, I’ve had my share of experiences where I’m guiding clients through a quicker path to the mirror, or even helping them recognize it may be time to look. But in order for the experience to be effective, they must be ready, and want to make behavioral changes, and they must know how.

As leaders, I believe we have a responsibility to offer a mirror—and development tools—to our team members from time to time. More importantly, we have a responsibility to step up to a mirror and develop ourselves.

Gratitude attitude

I believe that gratitude (focusing on what’s gone well in a day) is one of the most powerful states of mind we could be in, because, when we’re in this state, it doesn’t leave much room for negativity or fear. So as leaders, if we can identify the hows of providing an environment where gratitude can take place, I believe we’re sure to lead others through challenges more effectively.

Here’s a start: Identify one deliverable or quality that someone on your team has delivered or demonstrated. Ask yourself if you feel grateful for this person’s contributions. And if you do, offer specific praise to the individual who is responsible for that quality or deliverable, and say thank you.