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Just be once in awhile

It’s been a while since my last entry. Life has been full, and I’ve been extremely busy with work. I’ve been meaning to write this particular entry for several days. It’s about how all of us experience a high level of stress from time-to-time. It’s about how stress can affect our ability to lead effectively—to be happy in our work. It’s about walking away from that meeting, or that conversation with a person on your team, or a client, and realizing that you lost it on some level—whether it was simply that you knew you weren’t at your best, or you demonstrated some behavior that you were less than proud of.

Stress got the best of me just last week. It’s humbling. And it reminds me to be more compassionate when others are stressed. It also reminds me that although we’re professionals, more significantly, we’re human. It’s this reminder more than anything else that I find rich, because it’s good to get snapped back to the basics of being human—of the importance of simply being once and a while. Simply being is something many of us aren’t taking the time to do while we’re striving to keep up in this high-tech, fast-moving, 24/7 business environment.

If you’re experiencing a high level of stress and you’re not feeling at your best, you’re probably not at your best. So plan some time to do something that helps you simply be. Take some time to regroup, even if it’s just for an afternoon. It’s a great preventative practice as well. You’ll feel the difference, and so will those that you lead.


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