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Productivity–been there, done that

I thought it might be interesting to publish just a few behaviors—relating to productivity—that over the years, I’ve observed as very common among professionals, regardless of their work style, title, or responsibilities. Perhaps reading these will offer you some comfort.

Many of us. . . .

– fail at being creative or extremely productive when we have plenty of time to do so. In fact, many of us find that we are most effective and productive when we’re close to a deadline.

– make very little productive use of our first day back from vacation. And during our first week back, we’re more likely to find ourselves pondering what we want to do with the rest of our lives.

– plan to accomplish all kinds of things on that one day when we actually don’t have any meetings, or deadlines, then proceed to waste most of the day because we can.

– tend to experience an unproductive day or two immediately following a run of high-stress or highly productive days. The length of down time needed to re-energize tends to relate closely to how long we’ve been overworked.

– get much more done after we’ve taken some quiet time to do some planning, organizing, and strategizing.

And finally, many of us like to know we’re not alone!


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