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Creative jumpstart

If you want to explore a new business strategy, start a new project, or revamp a standing process, but the need isn’t mandatory or urgent, it’s easy to place it on the back burner, sometimes indefinitely. Want to jumpstart your creativity and generate some progress towards a desired initiative? Try this. Open a folder today that’s dedicated to the future project. When an idea randomly comes to mind, or applicable resources or articles cross your desk, place a quick note, or a link to the resource, or the article itself, in the project folder. No need for any specific order or expectations about what you might enter into your folder. If you have the luxury of engaging other people on your team in the creative process, you might ask them to document one or two specific recommendations or ideas for the project, and add their ideas to your folder as well. When you find a block of time without distractions, or you simply want to spend some time thinking out of the box, open the folder and use the notes, resources and ideas for further brainstorming. Even in the midst of immediate demands, with the right jumpstart, you might just find yourself on a roll towards your desired initiative.

Hope you like it

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