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The organization behind the reception area

Being in business for as long as I have, you can imagine how many reception areas I’ve waited in. Based on my observations and experiences, and certainly my own values, I’ve developed a few opinions relating to first impressions of the organization behind the reception area. I offer these tidits because it may generate some small attention to detail that may enhance your visitors’ first impressions of your organization.
—I sense a healthy level of morale and ownership in an organization when passing employees smile and say hello to me, or ask me if I’ve been helped, as I’m waiting in a lobby.
—Dust on furniture or pictures in a lobby takes away from the polish of an organization.
—A whispering receptionist raises doubt about trust and/or discretion among employees.
—Updated business magazines and publications on a table in a reception area, makes me feel like someone is paying attention.
—A warm and professional receptionist, or a distant and curt one, demonstrates an organization’s professional standards.
By the way, to all of the welcoming and professional receptionists I’ve met and worked with over the years, your hospitality is always appreciated!


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