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Engage and lead—but don’t forget to include

Here’s a strategy that you may see as common sense. But in the midst of our high demands, aggressive deadlines, and our well-intentioned outreach to individuals in our organization, we may sometimes forget.

If you’re leading a multi-tiered organization, and you’re someone who personally engages your team at all levels, that’s great. However, if communications—or more specifically delegation or directives—tend to take place between you and a team or individual who reports to one of your direct reports, be sure to include your direct report in the process.

Best practice will have you making every effort to get input from your direct report/manager prior to delegating or providing directives to his or her employee or team (i.e., to establish bandwidth/availability of the individual or team and your action’s impact on manager’s or team’s goals; to provide clarity about your outreach to avoid any perceived threat; to demonstrate your respect for your manager’s role).

At the very least, keeping your direct report in the loop about your action-oriented communications with his or her staff, even after the fact, will contribute to trusting working relationships and cohesiveness among your teams—all of which will undoubtedly generate more of the business results you’re striving for.


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