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Work productivity during the holiday season—not!

Interesting how a good portion of corporate America follows a lack of productivity curve during the holiday season. You’d think that the end of the Fourth Quarter would bring some frantic productivity towards reaching the year’s stated goals. And perhaps it does for a few. Most though—based on my observations and experience—follow the trend of multiple social gatherings with fellow co-workers, an increase in cube visits and small talk, early departure for celebrations and/or holiday shopping, and the overabundance of unhealthy food served on desktops in cubes across America.

Perhaps part of our lack of productivity is caused by these distractions, or by the sheer exhaustion from increased personal obligations and preparations above and beyond our workloads. Whatever the reasons, I mention it here in the hopes we won’t beat ourselves up too much. —Because we’re not alone.

Above all, here’s to an accepting and grateful mindset during the season. Enjoy and happy holidays to you and yours.

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