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A useless activity…..

Worry. Worry about what you said or did. Worry about what you’re going to say or do. Worry about what others are experiencing, or what your or others’ actions may generate in outcomes or judgments.

We all find ourselves worrying from time to time as part of the human condition. But I’m beginning to internalize the understanding that worry is one of those things that simply does not, and will not, benefit a situation, person or event. Personally and professionally, when I’m in touch with this understanding, it’s a gift. 

Activities that may be more useful in our professional lives—that may minimize negative outcomes and therefore minimize worry—might include: making the effort to better understand a person or situation before acting; anticipating and preparing for desirable and/or undesirable outcomes; being better prepared for communications; and acknowledging one’s own part in less than desirable outcomes then swiftly moving forward with well thought out and inclusive solutions. 

Eliminating worry is unrealistic. Minimizing worry is within our reach. Here’s to peace of mind.


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