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It may be clearer tomorrow.

It may be clearer tomorrow.  I’ve been using this statement lately as permission to reduce my stress level when I find myself either overwhelmed or confused about a convoluted problem, or a strategy that needs to be fine-tuned, or having to wordsmith a communication that may be delicate in nature. If it’s possible to hold off action for another day or two—I do. 

Struggling to make sense of something when stressed or stumped rarely is productive. If by chance, you have the luxury of letting go of the problem for one more day, you may find that indeed it may be clearer tomorrow. A conversation may take place, additional information may be gleaned, or perhaps you simply relax more, which may help clear your strategic lens.

Use this simple and effective tool yourself, or share it with someone who might appreciate the permission to let go of a problem for a day or two.

So where is your organization headed?

In my experience, the most significant success factors of an organization or company, are a clear understanding and acknowledgment of the organization’s current state, a clear vision of what the company wants to be and when, clear communication to employees reflecting that vision, and a collaborative leadership team working to make it happen. 

Many organizational strategies—recruiting, re-structuring, marketing, succession planning, training, coaching—without these success factors risk a poor ROI. 

So, where is your organization headed? Whether you’re the leader of an organization, or an employee among many, if you’re able to answer the question with clarity, you’re very fortunate.