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Value your own “light bulb”

I was having a conversation recently with a friend who is joining a not-for-profit board and we were discussing the role of a new board member. I mentioned that I think it’s important to value your own light bulb regardless of your tenure on a board or on a team. You know, when an idea comes to mind, offer it! Some newer board members—or new managers or employees—may hesitate to offer ideas or creative strategies that come to mind, because they doubt their depth or experience, compared to that of their colleagues. However, if you’re a new addition to the team, and an idea comes to mind and you share it, it may offer a fresh perspective or idea that is most needed and valued. At the very least, your idea may offer a springboard for further exploration towards alternative solutions.

In my experience, it’s the collaboration between the seasoned and newer perspectives that generates the most creative results. So the next time you feel that light bulb going on, be sure to shine it on the table for others to see. And if you’re leading a team, you may want to encourage your employees to do the same.


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