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Reinforce work/life balance in the midst of high demands

Some organizations recognize the importance of reinforcing the value of work/life balance. However, it’s become such a necessity and an acceptable trend to work extreme hours to meet increasing demands with less people, that it seems we’re sometimes at a loss as to how to turn it around. Here are a just a few small-step leadership strategies you can take to minimize burnout and validate the importance of life and work balance in your organization during challenging times:

– Be cautious about contributing to an “everything is urgent” mentality. Work with your managers regularly to decipher the difference between true immediate priorities and negotiable demands.
– Ensure that your managers are well-coached on effective delegation and require that they consistently do so. Even when a team is lean, poor delegation could translate to untapped talent or bandwidth.
– Be a role model. Whenever possible, avoid sending requests or emails that carry a late night or weekend time/date. You may complete a request at midnight, but you may want to send it first thing in the morning.
– Avoid language and inferences that encourage and accept extreme hours as an acceptable norm in your organization.

Research tells us that Millennials—our future leaders who were born in the 80s and 90s—site well-being as a core value. Perhaps there’s hope for us after all.

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