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Chunk it down.

Have you found yourself stalling when you’re facing a seemingly overwhelming task or project?  Of course you have. Or perhaps you have some great creative ideas—so many ideas, that few to none are actually being implemented.

I’ve  found that when we’re confused, overwhelmed, or on overdrive, we often stand still. Great ideas and countless pressures recycle themselves through our minds while stress builds and little is actually being accomplished.

However, when we have simple easy tasks ahead of us we not only tend to get them done, we may find ourselves gravitating towards them—enjoying the simplicity and validation of getting something done! 

So how can we shift into action—or engage others in action—towards big picture goals? Chunk them down into small, small, small steps each of which are easy to assign and/or accomplish. 

Not sure what the components for action are? Begin dumping (documenting) those few small steps that you know need to happen (i.e., ask John about ….; need cost analysis for…..; check budget numbers relating to…..; identify 3 individuals who might be able to help me with this project; etc.) 

Place some target dates on the small steps and watch your project or strategies come to life. The formula is simple: Chunk it down. Small steps are guaranteed to move you and your project forward.

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