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Red Flag, Green Flag

I met with a colleague this week and our conversation turned to those times when we may need to walk away from business because we’re not aligned with what’s being asked of us. Or we just have that gut feeling that we need to rethink the direction we’re going, or an approach we may be considering. I call it my Red Flag and I consistently benefit when I pay attention to it.

Reflecting on this prompted me to want to share a brief article I wrote on How to Get Better at Intuitive Decision Making. Perhaps you will relate both personally and professionally.

When HR calls in a coach . . . .

It’s great when an individual takes the personal initiative—out of a genuine desire for continuous improvement—to retain and work with an external coach.

It’s not unusual however, for the outreach to come from the Director or Vice President of Human Resources, or the mid or executive-level manager, to retain a coaching resource for his or her employee.

Regardless of who orchestrates the initial outreach for coaching services, or who is paying the bill—in order to be most effective—the individual client/coachee must have resource options and be fully involved in choosing and extending an invitation to the coach. And it’s the individual client/coachee who must first and foremost be provided confidentiality, support and service. 

This authentic offering to serve the individual receiver above all, will help to build the foundation for the coachee’s full engagement in his or her own development and the coaching process. 

The success of a coaching relationship is measured by the coachee’s ability to identify and acknowledge development areas, leverage strengths, develop skills, and experience successes. These successes impact the individual, his or her manager(s) and the organization. —Ultimately, a great return on investment.