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Do they know how?

Whether it be a brand new business initiative or an effort to transition a long-standing culture, most leaders and managers understand the importance of well-defined business goals and communicating them clearly to employees. In addition, we know how important it is to communicate specifically what’s expected of them in their roles. We understand that if that communication is lacking, strategic growth may be stunted.

What I find interesting, is how many leaders fail to assess whether their management team and their employees know HOW to do what’s asked of them. Employees may be very willing to embrace a change and help make it happen. A manager may be eager to lead his or her team toward the stated goal. But if they don’t have the skills and/or acumen to contribute to the implementation of the new or shifted strategy, they will not be equipped to perform. And if they’re not made accountable through measurable outcomes, and well-coached through the process, the risk for failure increases.

So if you find yourself frustrated because you’ve repeatedly told someone or a team what needs to be done, and you’re thinking they’re just not getting it—perhaps they get it, but they just don’t know how to do it!

Stay tuned for future entries on HOW to uncover, and respond to, the continuous learning, development, and coaching needs of our employees!


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