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Simple process improves team meetings

Are you charged with facilitating a team meeting where participants need to come together to problem-solve toward an interim or final solution? Follow this simple 4-step process to minimize unproductive discussions and help move the team to action.

Be sure to scribe output from each of the following components for all to see.

1) As a team, agree on the goal and objective for the meeting—not the long-term objective, just what you hope to accomplish during this 60/90 minutes. Remain flexible to adjust the meeting objectives as you move through the discussion. Keep it realistic.
2) Allow all participants to offer their perspectives of the current reality/issues. The good news? The team need not agree on the current reality.
3) Facilitate a true brainstorming session about what they might do as individuals and/or as a team to make the situation better or help the team succeed. —The more ideas the better.
4) As a group, agree on just 2-5 doable action items from the list of ideas. For the best results, all need to agree on next steps and actions—whether individual or collaborative—that are specifically assigned, with specific target and follow up dates.

Whether a team is coming together to troubleshoot, manage a project, launch a new initiative, or resolve conflict, this process is designed to generate results.


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