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And the responsibility goes to ……. you.

In my opinion and experience, consistent superb performance or consistent poor performance from an individual employee or a team—over time—serves as a mirror to our performance as leaders.

Although high performers tend to excel regardless of their environment, an effective leader can have a significant affect on creating a motivating environment where individuals or teams choose to thrive over time. Remembering to offer a consistent level of attention and resources to your top contributors, as well as those who may be struggling, is essential.

The first steps towards leadership effectiveness when performance has been consistently poor, is taking responsibility, briefly acknowledging it with the individual and/or the team, moving forward to set and maintain clear expectations (standards) for performance, and providing the tools, resources, and coaching that every employee deserves. Then follow through with the appropriate kudos for their successes, or consequences for their lack of performance.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!


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