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Are you solution–oriented or problem-centered?

Whether you’re an executive, a manager, or an individual contributor—if you want to increase your odds for gaining support and/or approval towards a change strategy, be sure that your recommendation is presented as a full-blown solution versus a complaint.

Problem-centered complainers bring a problem to the table, and offer verbal criticism about what isn’t getting done, or “should” be done. They seldom generate results while the problem remains a problem.

Effective professionals prepare and document a recommended plan of action, and include a role for themselves as part of their proposed solution. This approach generates respect and maximizes a person’s or team’s ability to be heard, and impact change.

You’re probably well aware of the amount of time and effort it will take to prepare and propose a full-blown solution to an existing problem or issue that you know needs attention. You may have a choice as to whether you get involved in the process. Or, it may be a requirement of your role. Either way, are you ready to take on the challenge of truly making a difference?

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