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Reassure vs. convince

When someone asks you for clarity about a new initiative, your level of confidence is projected through your credibility, physical posture, preparedness to respond succinctly to inquiries, and ability to reassure, rather than convince.

Let’s say you’re a leader preparing for an initial presentation relating to organizational changes or new initiatives, which will include a Q&A session. If you’re not completely confident, or you’re not yet ready to share details, then ask yourself these questions as you prepare for the presentation: What are you confident about? Are you confident that regardless of what the final solution may be, you absolutely trust your team to recommend the solution that will best impact your employees and the business? Are you confident that you’ll be holding meetings over the next couple of weeks to keep yourself well-informed of the status of the initiative? Can you guarantee that you’ll keep people well-informed as you solidify strategies moving forward?

Whether you have every “i” dotted, or you’re still in the midst of creating strategies, be sure, when asked, that you’re prepared to genuinely reassure—versus convince—others of pending successes.


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