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Frustrated? Sticking to the business impact will maximize results.

Finding yourself frustrated with an employee, co-worker, or manager?

Perhaps an employee has gone over your head to communicate a concern, without addressing you directly. Or maybe a co-worker isn’t contributing fairly to a team project, and the extra work is falling directly on you.

If you decide to address a concern directly with an employee, co-worker, or manager, and your aim is to generate positive change, stick to the impact their behavior may have on business (i.e., meeting organizational standards, productivity, working effectively as a team, efficiencies). Avoid discussing the impact it may have on your personal stress, workload, or status.

Focusing on how the issue impacts you personally, weakens your position as a team member, and/or a leader.

If you find yourself struggling to find the business case behind your concerns, you may want to re-evaluate whether it’s worth addressing.

In order to maximize results, any issue or problem you bring to the table at work should come with a clear recommendation, and that recommendation should have a strong business case behind it, including your specific plan and willingness to personally contribute to the solution.

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