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Clarity of roles and responsibilities is crucial—yet sometimes missing.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to offer every opportunity to an individual to succeed at work. This includes providing clarity around someone’s role, setting clear expectations, providing the necessary tools and resources to succeed, and providing effective follow up and coaching.

I am amazed at how often I meet individuals who are not sure what their role is as it may relate to a particular project, or managing a team, or their part or freedom in making recommendations for strategy.

I do believe these individuals have a responsibility to ask for clarity. However, if you are a leader/manager you hold a great deal of responsibility to communicate expectations.

I write this to share just one powerful suggestion. If you haven’t asked this question of your employees in awhile, ask it today: Are there any areas within your job, where you feel you could use more clarity around your role?

I guarantee their answers will either help you validate or better guide your employees in the right direction towards desirable results. It’s a start anyway.


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