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Realize the impact you have within your own circle of influence.

If you’re leading a team, you have an opportunity—regardless of how effective your own manager or leaders are—to create an environment where people will thrive and want to contribute.

If you’re managing a team and find yourself, temporarily or otherwise, in an organization or situation where you’re experiencing less than effective leadership or guidance from your own manager, you may understandably find yourself feeling frustrated and limited. However, the most important factors that will have an impact on your own team, have little to do with overall organizational structure and effectiveness, or the strengths or weaknesses of upper management. It has much more to do with their ability to trust their own manager and team. It has much more to do with being recognized for a job well done, or being asked to contribute ideas or their skills to a needed solution. It has everything to do with how positive their smaller team environment is. People thrive when they are included, heard and considered.

The good news is that nothing can get in the way of your choosing to provide these things, regardless of the bigger picture challenges.

You may not choose to stay in an environment where leadership and/or organizational effectiveness are lacking. But while you’re there and you’re managing others, you can make a difference.

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