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Own your strengths and your challenges—and orchestrate success.

As leaders, we may possess a great number of strengths in many areas, but we all have our weaknesses. The trick is leveraging our strengths to develop our skills, and seeking out the appropriate support we need to get the job done. If success is our true objective, then we need to be honest about where, and possibly from whom, we may need help. We need the insight and courage to own our strengths, and our shortcomings, and recruit the talent or find the resources we need to reach our goals.

Being able to orchestrate the talent of others towards a common goal is a primary and crucial role of a leader. So, if you don’t personally have it all, relax. As long as you own your capabilities, accept the ultimate responsibility for your organization’s success, and have the skills and emotional intelligence to lead, your odds for success are excellent.


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