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Confidentiality—crucial to successful business relationships.

I lunched in a great little restaurant the other day. Key word “little” here, because just behind me were two gentlemen who were meeting with someone on a speakerphone. It was so loud and intrusive that I had trouble listening to the person I was lunching with. I finally turned around and very nicely said: “May I ask you to turn off your speakerphone, as I’m finding it difficult to hear our conversation?” One of the gentleman said: “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m a lawyer and we’re getting some information that’s important about this young man who is in jail, and this (he gestures to his lunch partner) is the boy’s father.”

I offered a brief acknowledgement to the boy’s father and turned back around to my friend. They turned off the speakerphone, and my friend and I marveled at the lack of integrity and professionalism the attorney’s behavior demonstrated.

Trust is the foundation of any business relationship. And our integrity in maintaining our employees’ and/or clients’ privacy and esteem—at all times, whether they’re present or not—is crucial.


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  Luis A. Martinez wrote @

HI Donna,
Incredible! An attorney who doesn’t know something so fundamental. I feel sorry for the Dad, and the son…

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