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Caution is good, but for best results, tell it like it is.

A common yet often unspoken red flag tells us to be less than honest at work. We’re careful about what we offer others in feedback, careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings, and careful not to generate feared repercussions.

This level of caution, in my experience, has hindered our ability to receive invaluable feedback, resolve conflict, or be effective communicators. As a professional coach and confidant, I am constantly reminded of how much more effective we would be as workplace and business contributors if we were to simply tell it like it is. Instead, we may stifle communications, build resentment, and miss opportunities to build collaborative and trustworthy relationships.

Professional communication does call for a reasonable level of caution. Use caution as it relates to being well-prepared, to being mutually respectful, to avoiding accusation and judgment, and to offering viable recommendations. These are examples of caution that can generate results.

Start a new trend at work. Approach with caution, but tell it like it is.


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