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A few lessons learned.

I came across the phrase “lessons learned” yesterday and it got me thinking. If I had to pinpoint just a few of what I feel are the most valuable professional lessons I’ve learned, what few might I share? So here you go…..

I’ve learned that in my work and in my life in general, if I can’t be genuine, I’m in trouble.

I’ve learned that being well-prepared is golden.

I’ve learned that asking is more powerful than telling.

I’ve learned that although it’s great to love your job, in the overall scope of things, it’s good to remember that it is a job, not your life.

I’ve learned that whether you’re the boss, the employee, the customer, or the provider, mutual respect and a service attitude are what builds and maintains successful working relationships.

I’ve learned that stress makes us less productive.

I’ve learned that being able to write well opens doors.

I’ve learned that if we make mistakes, our best bet is to take responsibility for them and move on.

I’ve learned that gut-level feelings will seldom fail a person.

I’ve learned that assertive goes a whole lot further than aggressive, and engagement beats intimidation.

I’ve learned that integrity matters….a lot.

I’ve learned that you may want to stop talking before people get bored… I’ll sign off now.

I’m sure readers would be interested in your additions to the list, so feel free. Here’s to every success and continuous learning in the new year.



  Timothy wrote @

I’ve learned to listen twice as much as I speak.

  Fran wrote @

You learned great lessons and you get an A+.

  dave wrote @

A good lesson to add to the list: “Give.”

  Sandra wrote @

I’ve learned to reframe instead of react! Putting a possitive spin on a negative statement, attitude, etc.

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