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True confidence—essential to strong leadership.

As leaders, a certain amount of genuine disclosure can be engaging to an audience or to your employees. However, disclosing—or unintentionally demonstrating—a lack of confidence when you’re communicating and/or leading a business initiative can create uncertainty and hesitation among employees or stakeholders. And that uncertainty can affect their confidence to follow your lead. On the upside, when you possess—and then demonstrate—confidence in your ideas and strategies, others are more likely to trust, engage, and follow.

It’s not uncommon to have our confidence shaken as we may become overwhelmed with the responsibilities associated with making decisions and creating strategies that carry risk, even when the risk is well-measured. However, as leaders, we have a responsibility to navigate through the uncertainties, either through our own knowledge and experience, or through the knowledge and experience of others, in order to confidently come to a decision, and effectively communicate and guide others towards the end-goal.

Although there are many useful skills (i.e., posture and body language, strength of voice and presentation, effective written communications, etc.) that demonstrate confidence, the most significant factor remains in one’s own belief in the direction he or she is providing.



  Joseph Manhede wrote @

When a leader shows lack of confidence, as a follower, how do you help without appearing as if you are doubting your leader?

  Donna Rawady wrote @

Thanks for your question Joseph! This is a tough one to answer without having more detail around how the leader’s lack of confidence is demonstrated, and how his or her staff members may be personally observing or experiencing it. I’ll be happy to connect real time by phone to discuss and offer you what I can. It would give us a great reason to connect again! Hope you are well. I could be difficult to reach today and tomorrow, but I’ll be available by phone (585-721-0259) Fri or early next week. If you’d like to call, please don’t hesitate. If you miss me, I’ll do my best to get back to you promptly. Donna

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