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Are you coachable?

I was invited by a prospect recently to meet with him to explore the possibility of our working together. This gentleman made it clear in his communications with me, that he was seeking a coach because he wanted to tap every resource to help him best create a motivating environment for his team as he leads them through an upcoming organizational change. He explained that he was interviewing a few coaches with the hopes of choosing one that he felt was the best match for him. (Smart move on his part, by the way.)

Halfway through our meeting he asked me how someone knows if he or she is coachable. More specifically, he was wondering if he should be concerned about the possibility of not being coachable. My answer is what prompted me to write this entry.

Any individual who takes the initiative to personally seek out help to increase his effectiveness as a leader, or a business strategist, is most likely highly coachable. If that same individual is willing to partner with his coach, to focus and do the hard work that true development calls for, he is indeed coachable.

Among other things, coachability is about a personal willingness to step up to the mirror in order to get the most accurate reflection of our strengths and our development opportunities. It’s understanding how to best leverage our strengths, and fine-tune our skills and approaches to best meet our professional demands, and best serve the people we manage and/or lead.

So what do you think—Are you coachable?


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