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Sharing an article . . . about the “HOW Factor”

OK, I’m cheating a little, but since I had this article published in our local paper’s business section this week, and I’m away on a vacation, I thought I’d share it in lieu of a blog entry. Hope you find it helpful.

If Employees Succeed, You Will Too—by Donna Rawady, published in the Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, NY on 3/22/11:

In addition to communicating clear organizational goals and performance expectations, effective leaders need to assess whether their management team and/or their employees know how to do what’s asked of them.

Employees may be very willing to embrace a change and help make it happen. A manager may be eager to lead his or her team toward a stated goal. However, if these individuals don’t have the knowledge and/or acumen to contribute to the implementation of the new or shifted strategy, they will not be equipped to perform.

In addition, if your employees are not made accountable through measurable outcomes, and well-coached through the process, the risk for failure increases.

If you find yourself frustrated because you’ve repeatedly stated a goal to an individual, or a team, yet they’re not delivering, perhaps they want to deliver, but they don’t know how to go about it. And, unfortunately, employees are not always forthright about what they fear may be perceived as something they should already know.

Effective questioning, listening, support, training and/or coaching may transform struggling employees into engaged and action-oriented contributors.

If you’re an executive-level professional and you’ve found yourself stumped about how to execute a current or future business initiative, remember that effective leaders don’t necessarily have all the answers. A leader’s primary responsibility is to engage others and orchestrate success.

You may want to consider looking within your team, or externally, if necessary, for others who may be innately equipped to collaborate with you to carry out the initiatives you struggle with.

Set up mutual accountability and commitment, support your team in any way that you can, and lead the charge. If your employees and your business partners succeed, so will you.


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