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Re-energize your ability to delegate.

As state-of-the-art technology and a competitive market increase business demands, your plates are consistently full, and in some cases overflowing. Remembering to engage your staff is crucial. Understanding that as leaders, you’re charged with distributing a robust yet fair workload among your teams, here are a few quick tools that may help you re-energize your ability to delegate effectively:
– Position and communicate your intentions, with your team, to explore further opportunities to engage them in creative and strategic initiatives.
– Make sure you’re fully aware of each of your direct reports’ current activities, skill capacities, and their desires relating to added responsibilities or expanded roles. This can be accomplished through one-on-ones, effective probing, and employee feedback.
– Begin an informal log of those initiatives that may provide an opportunity to delegate. Once you have a few things listed, choose one or two and act on them. When delegating, be sure to set measurable deliverables and target dates. And offer and provide coaching, as needed.
– Want to kick-start a creative project you’ve been putting off? Ask one of your direct reports to come up with a first draft project plan from his or her perspective and use it as a springboard for your own strategic thinking.
– If you’re hesitating to delegate a comprehensive project, ask yourself if you might be able to delegate a component of the project—or a draft of a component of a larger project.

Remember that engaging your staff in new and stimulating initiatives may help to create a more motivating environment for your team, while benefiting you and your organization.


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