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Need some time off? Go for it.

As you read this, I’m on my way to a 5-day vacation with two of my dearest girlfriends. Every year for the last 12 years, we gather in a lake home on the water, and we vow to do as close to nothing as we can manage. We seldom even use a car (except for perhaps a rainy day trip to an antique store.) We eat well, swim, sunbathe, talk, relax, relax, and relax. I am in dire need of this vacation, as I need to regroup and refresh.

If you’re looking for a business message here, you may think there isn’t any. Yet I’m guessing you’ll agree that our well-being is closely tied to the efficiency and quality of our business relationships and business results.

So my recommendation is that if you’re in dire need of a vacation—better yet, before you’re in dire need of a vacation—schedule some time off (first step!), take it, and enjoy it. If you’re refreshed and at your best, your team, your work, your organization, and/or your clients, will get your best too.

Exploring a reorganization? Put your rose-colored glasses on.

When planning a reorganization, leveraging the strengths of your existing employees, and considering your current resources, are important business strategies. However, when you’re creatively exploring options for change, focusing too hard on the potential behind your existing resources and current employee skills and abilities, and not enough on an ideal structure, with ideal resources, may stunt your ability to explore your best organization.

You’ll have every opportunity to problem-solve and experience the reality of the current state, and the road to the desired state—and all of the employee development, turnover, recruitment, crucial communications, renewed accountability, limited resources, skill gaps, and morale-building in between. But for now, if you’re in the first stages of exploring change, don’t forget to put your rose-colored glasses on. Visualize your ideal organizational structure, supported by ideal roles and responsibilities, to best support your business goals.

This exercise will provide a great launching point for action.