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Want to earn and build trust? Keep it simple.

There are many ways to earn and build trust. One of the simplest ways to earn your employees’ trust, is to deliver on what you promise. Not always easy if what you’re promising more than you can manage, or worse, if you’re promising something you may have little or no control over. Both may be well-intentioned, however either can chip away at your employees’ ability to trust your word.

You may believe that in order to build trust, you need to promise and deliver something highly impressive or noteworthy. When in reality, it’s most important to guarantee and deliver during daily interactions and communications.

A few examples of trust-building promises that you have total control over:
– I’m going to get you all out of this meeting on time.
– I’ll get back to you with an answer by mid-day tomorrow.
– The minute I have approval to communicate the direction we’re taking, I’ll call a meeting and keep you all informed.
– When you return from your leadership development training, let’s sit down and debrief what you found most valuable about it.

You may think these ideas are elementary. Yet each gives you every opportunity to personally follow through and demonstrate your trustworthiness.

So keep it simple. Build trust with day-to-day reliability and dependability.


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