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Feedback is about perceptions and perceptions matter.

If you’re fortunate enough to receive genuine feedback from your manager, employees, colleagues, or customers, you’ll probably agree that seeking and/or receiving feedback can take us out of our comfort zone. Interestingly, although positive feedback offers validation and good feelings, less than positive feedback can be more beneficial, as it may cause us to explore a need for change or development.

Here’s the thing about feedback from others—What they’re really sharing is their experience with us. Based on what we think we know about ourselves, there may be times when we feel compelled to challenge their opinion of us. But we’re going to be hard-pressed to challenge their personal experience with us.

An individual’s or a group’s experience with us, also generates perceptions. And accurate or not, perceptions matter—big time. Perceptions can generate or stifle opportunities for growth, attract or repel new business, and help build, or break down, a reputation.

It’s important to remember that although perceptions can be inaccurate, they are often tied to some thread of truth. Our ability to willingly step up to the mirror to check out the reflection that others are seeing or experiencing, takes a great deal of courage. In addition, it sets the stage for development that can result in better relationships and more effective leadership.


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  Gail Hart wrote @

Hey Donna – very insightful. Love your ideas!

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