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Want to increase accountability? Add a meeting to the calendar.

Here’s one simple strategy that is sure to increase accountability and timely deliverables from those whom you’re delegating to, or collaborating with.

When you’re finished agreeing on deliverables, and before the conversation or meeting has ended, schedule a follow-up meeting. Declare the meeting date as either the target date for the actual deliverable or the target date for a discussion following a deliverable that is due prior to the meeting.

It’s one thing for someone to miss an agreed-upon deadline without being immediately or physically faced with it. It’s another to walk into a follow-up meeting unprepared and be—however respectfully—called on it.

If you schedule the follow-up meeting as a target to discuss or review deliverables, and the responsible party attends but is not well-prepared, you may want to consider immediately rescheduling the meeting, for a time when you can all agree that the deliverable can be met. Rescheduling versus continuing with the meeting reinforces who was/is accountable.

A lack of accountability is a common and significant challenge in the workplace. Scheduling follow-up meetings is one simple strategy that can make a powerful difference.


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