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Integrity matters—a lot.

I am consistently reminded of the importance of integrity in our work and lives, which prompts me to share the following brief article that I wrote and had published in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle in June of 2011. I believe the content will never be outdated.

Integrity—honesty, or an adherence to moral or ethical principles—is a core and crucial component to one’s success and influence.

Before writing this article, I posted a message within one of my LinkedIn leadership groups, and asked for additional perspectives or experiences as they relate to integrity. Within a couple of days I received fifteen thoughtful submissions from around the world. The mix of definitions, personal experiences, and multicultural perspectives on the subject of integrity was fascinating. I’ve paraphrased what I identified as the common threads, regardless of the industry or country the feedback came from:
– If we have integrity, it’s something we practice when we’re being observed by others, AND when we’re alone or behind the scenes with an intent, decision or strategy.
– Integrity is part of one’s character, so, if we act against it or even consider acting against it, we can easily experience discomfort—a great barometer to help measure our intentions or behavior, before taking action.
– One’s integrity is closely tied to an individual’s non-negotiable personal values and work ethic and therefore tends to generate consistent behaviors.
– Our commitment or lack of commitment to integrity generates our professional trustworthiness and reputation.
– Even though we may possess and value integrity, it is not always easy to be consistent and maintain that integrity when making decisions or communicating with others in a complex and political environment.
– When we demonstrate integrity we may also be serving as a role model.
– It’s never too late to set new standards for how we conduct ourselves.
– All of the above is just as impactful in our personal lives as it is in our professional lives.
– Integrity matters….a lot.


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