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Now is a good time to express your gratitude or love.

I feel compelled to share this entry today because of how I’ve spent the last few days. I attended the funeral of one of my elder uncles, and I spent time with a dear friend who is tending to her husband’s end-of-life needs. With the good life memories shared about my uncle, and the grace with which my friends are dealing with their fate, I’m reminded of what is most important in life. It’s the love and support we offer one another as human beings. It’s telling our family and loved ones that we love them. It’s offering a word of praise or gratitude to a colleague. It’s helping a friend in need. It’s mentoring someone who can really benefit from our support.

I hope you find yourself pondering this entry today. If you’re at work, whom might you approach right now with a “thank you” or recognition of some kind for a job well-done? What family member or friend can you call today to let them know what they mean to you, or whom might you call to schedule that overdue visit?

As professionals, I know we tend to place a great deal of importance on our work and our “successes”. Our work is important in our lives. However, today is a good day to realize that it’s the people and relationships in our lives that truly take priority and matter most now, and when all else fails.

Offer someone else something to be grateful for today.



  Tina Smagala wrote @

Thanks for the lovely reminder, Donna…so wonderfully written.

  stella99 wrote @

I am happy to call the author my friend and am greatful for her wisdom and insight.

  Fran wrote @

Thank you, Donna. Definitely something to remember.

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