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A few more lessons learned….

It’s been a couple of years since I posted “A few lessons learned…”. Based on an additional two years of experience with clients, colleagues, and business in general, I thought I’d share, in no particular order, a few more lessons that I’ve learned or revisited:

– I’ve learned that an organization’s profitability does not necessarily reflect strong leadership or sustainable success.
– I’ve learned that when we expect others to act and think just as we would act and think, we create immediate barriers to effective communication.
– I’ve learned that judging others is a fruitless exercise.
– I’ve learned that true colleagues don’t compete. They collaborate and celebrate each other’s successes.
– I’ve learned that strategy often takes a back seat to crisis management, yet strategy is necessary to minimize crises.
– I’ve learned that a leader who explores his/her own responsibility for poor employee morale is a real gem.
– I’ve learned that great things can be accomplished when contributors are focused on a clear common goal.
– I’ve learned that nothing matches the power behind an individual’s genuine quest to succeed.
– I’ve learned that young and seasoned professionals have a great deal to learn from each other.
– I’ve learned that too many simultaneous initiatives, however well-intentioned, can stifle an organization’s progress.
– I’ve learned that life balance is becoming more of a priority and a value that individuals are looking for when choosing their employers.
– I’ve learned that nothing grows one’s own success like helping someone else be successful.
– And last, but not least, I’ve learned that integrity still matters….a lot.

Do you have any lessons learned that you’d like to share?

Peaceful Holidays to you and yours!