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5 reasons why employees fail to deliver.

I offer these 5 reasons—which may seem harsh or be tough for some managers to hear—why employees fail to deliver, based on what I see and experience as common management behaviors in the workplace. Of course, there a slew of reasons why employees may not be performing well. I chose these for managers who are either exploring or validating how crucial their contributions are to employee performance.

5 reasons why employees fail to deliver:

– Employees understand that they should provide a particular deliverable or level of performance, they may even want to, but they don’t know HOW and their managers fail to recognize that.

– Managers fail to engage their employee—whenever possible—in establishing realistic target dates in the midst of the employee’s current demands. Or, they fail to coach employees and help them chunk-down their deliverables so that they are more manageable for the employee.

– Managers fail to position crucial deliverables as a requirement of the job. Or, if the requirements are new to the job, they fail to re-establish the job description and expectations with the employee.

– Managers are not following up on failed deliverables promptly and therefore setting a standard that says…It’s OK not to meet deadlines.

– Managers believe that they are creating accountability with repeated uncomfortable performance conversations, versus agreed upon and enforced consequences.

Again, there are so many simple and complex reasons for poor employee performance. If we were to explore further, what else do you think managers and leaders can do to set a standard and an expectation for excellent employee and/or team performance?


  sheerjulious wrote @

This is very accurate. If I had to pick five they would be very close to what is mentioned here.

  donnarawadyblog wrote @

Thanks for your feedback!

  Lisa Powers wrote @

ouch – thanks, Donna. Need to keep looking at myself and how to manage better. Always insightful

  donnarawadyblog wrote @

Thanks Lisa!

  donnarawadyblog wrote @

Don’t we all! Thanks, Lisa.

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