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For the moment, I’m eight-years-old and lining up my crayons.

I was in Chicago on a business trip with a client years ago. We went to the craft store in the evening to purchase some mixed media for a creative and experiential team building session we were facilitating the following day. As I was perusing the store shelves I came across an enormous display of crayons—small to big boxes, flat-colored to sparkled, pastel to hot colors, etc. And what do you think I was immediately compelled to do? I picked up a box, flipped open the top and smelled them, of course! I instantly tapped into my memories of being a kid when I was so excited to take my brand new crayons out of the box and line them up on the floor—in perfect order—by color and tints.

In the store there was a young girl standing next to me who was also mesmerized by the volume of crayons on the shelf. I shared with her that I liked the smell of them and that I hadn’t colored in a very long time. She immediately blurted out: “I know!! There’s nothing like coloring, right?!”. And with that I bought a small box of crayons and a coloring book. Back in my hotel room that night in the midst of a crazy travel and work schedule and my share of stressors, I took my crayons and coloring book out and I colored. I was amazed at how relaxing it was. I remember that it served as a great interruption to my work and travel rituals and it shifted my mindset and renewed my energy.

You’re free to interrupt your rituals intentionally when you feel a need for a shift in your current mindset or mood. You can use some small play activity that taps into a positive past experience. Or, if you’re feeling weary and you’re hunched in your chair at your desk you can interrupt your “tired” ritual by abruptly throwing your shoulders back into a confident and energized posture to instantly remind your body and mind how good it feels to center there.

So I assure you that I’ll keep coloring as I offer these reminders to you—and to myself: Remember to play. Remember the power behind interrupting your ritual in some small way. Help your body and mind remember how good the good stuff feels.



  Joseph Manhede wrote @

Thanks Donna

  donnarawadyblog wrote @

Thank YOU, Joseph, for being a loyal reader.

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