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Towards the end of a holiday weekend, thoughts of work creep in….

What is it that’s so special about a long holiday weekend? Is it that we allow ourselves the freedom to think about whatever is in front of us at the moment instead of what we have to do for that upcoming meeting or deadline? Is it enhanced by the fact that so many people are taking the weekend off too, and expecting others to take it off, so the pressure of being needed or delivering is relieved? Whatever it is I find it to be a real treat. Yet, on the morning of day 3, with two more days off, thoughts of upcoming meetings, client needs, projects, etc. begin creeping into my mind. Tiny reminders that the pressure may not be on in the moment (or is it?), but it will hit first thing Monday morning. Instead of lying in bed in the morning thinking how great it feels to sleep in, I find myself thinking about how I only have one more day before my alarm clock takes over! I realize how fruitless these thoughts and apprehensions are, but still, I experience them. I’m guessing many of you do too.

So here’s my message—to myself and to you—on this Day 3 of a work-free 4-day weekend. Let go, be here now. Take the weekend off in mind and body, because you can count on Monday morning delivering its promise to get you right back to work.

Enjoy the season, enjoy the break, and enjoy your work when you get back to it.


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  Anne Marie (am) wrote @

It’s so true that living in the moment is the only true way to appreciate life as we should. So good to hear this over and over because human nature really never achieves it full time. Thanks for the zen reminder. I really do try! Happy holidays – one day at a time.

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