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Leadership calls for 3 Cs: Confidence, Courage, and Composure

If you often read leadership development articles or books, you may have heard various renditions of the 3 Cs or the 5 Cs of Leadership. Although there are many leadership attributes that have been referenced under this title, I find myself consistently reminded that these 3 Cs—Confidence, Courage, and Composure—are crucial to effective leadership. Together I believe they offer a great formula for success, as you lead in the workplace.

Keep in mind that part of my work is to assess how employees perceive the strengths and weaknesses of those that lead them. During these assessments, it’s remarkable just how often one or more of these 3 attributes are cited or referred to as a respected strength or as a great weakness.

Here are what I share as the 3 Cs of Leadership, each with a brief business case and covering a significant set of skills:

• Confidence—Our ability to genuinely feel and demonstrate our own belief in the direction we’re providing engages the belief and interest of others.

• Composure—Our ability to maintain and demonstrate a cool and confident demeanor helps to minimize anxiety in others and engage them in conversation that could generate significant results.

• Courage—Our ability to take calculated risks and make prompt decisions that boldly reach for excellence, builds trust in our leadership.

These 3 Cs are important to demonstrate especially during tough or changing times. When we possess and demonstrate confidence, composure, and courage, others are more likely to engage, trust, and follow.


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