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Just touching base….

I’m away on a vacation as I write this. I decided to travel for a week to CA and AZ to visit some of my favorite cousins and girlfriends. Being that I’m away, I thought about skipping this post but February marks my seventh anniversary of blogging and I’ve been diligent about posting every two weeks—so I thought I’d touch base in honor of appreciating those of you who read and re-visit GET REAL.

I’m enjoying every minute of being away, and my hosts have been wonderfully hospitable but one of the best things about traveling in my experience is returning home to familiar ground with a renewed sense of appreciation for the small and significant rituals and the relationships in our lives. Even during tough times, if possible, taking a brief break in the day-to-day and re-entering with a renewed sense of strength can be very worthwhile.

Although I offer no leaderships tips or communication tools today, I do offer this brief reminder that an interruption in our normal life rituals—whether it be at home or away—can be replenishing. I highly recommend it.

“See” you in a couple of weeks.


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