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Snapshot of organization-wide initiatives can be crucial

Many organizations are driven by a formal strategic plan that keeps everyone focused on actions that are aligned with, and contribute to, reaching established organizational goals. Yet, other organizations may create a plan but find themselves more driven by their current demands and—then later—they review the plan to see how well they did.

Either way, if you’re leading an organization, here’s what I consider to be a crucial question you may want to ask yourself: Could I easily view a comprehensive snapshot/document of the multiple initiatives being implemented in my organization, and will it allow me to see how the organization is doing against the goals within those initiatives?

Whether you lead a small or large business, new plans are consistently being generated across the organization, some of which are happening within silos. One succinct overview of your organization’s (or your) current key initiatives will help you:
– Stay on track towards established goals
– Be proactive where follow through is needed
– Realize and explore further when efforts are potentially overlapping or inefficient
– Be aware of overly robust initiatives or over-stretching your employees*
– Avoid missed opportunities to acknowledge and validate current successes and the people that helped to achieve successes.

* Another past entry that may interest you as an extension of this topic: Too many initiatives may hinder success.

Initially, creating that snapshot could take a fair amount of data gathering, planning, and documentation. Yet, once that master document is created and a process is in place for periodic input and updates, it could provide an awesome guide and useful tool to help you effectively lead and move your organization forward.

What’s your experience?


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