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Yikes, imagine your employees as your daily leadership critics!

I love movies and watch a wide range of genres. Based on my interest, I often visit Rotten Tomatoes, an aggregate movie review website. Reviewers offer written critiques of a movie, and based on each individual reviewer’s feedback, a rating is applied to the movie (fresh tomato vs. a rotten tomato). You get the idea. Then, based on the reviewers’ cumulative feedback you’re able to see, at a glance, what percentage of fresh vs. rotten the movie gets from a wide-variety of perspectives. Ingenious.

One movie that I looked into last week was panned by Rotten Tomatoes and I was thinking…Can you imagine being a hard-working actor and having constant, instantaneous, and published feedback (often negative) from all of the people who are experiencing your work?

That got me thinking about all of the constant and instantaneous opinions people may have in their heads on any given day about our management or leadership capabilities! If we were to give more thought to what “reviews” we’re generating in our employees’ or associates’ minds—perhaps we would be more conscientious about how we’re serving as role models through every conversation, presentation, or communication. Because we really are.

On Rotten Tomatoes, a movie gets an overall “fresh” rating if 60% of the respective reviewers gave it a thumbs up. Here’s to your earning and maintaining a fresh rating on the job.


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