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Be authentic. Tell it like you see it.

A few days ago I posted a blog entry titled: “Be authentic, tell it like it is.” In that post, I shared some thoughts and two prior posts, all relating to direct and honest communication at work. After posting the blog entry on LinkedIn, I received the following comment from one of my colleagues, Joe Morone, a Sales Trainer and Speaker I found it so insightful that I asked Joe if he would mind my sharing it and quoting him. So here you go . . . valuable food for thought relating to “telling it like it is”.

— “Donna, I like this post and appreciate your putting it out there. I agree with authenticity. Please consider 1 concept. We tend to speak in terms of authenticity and reality. However, your view of reality could be different from someone else’s. Each of us looks at things through our own lens and with that we have past experiences, preferences, tastes etc. So when I tell it like it is…I say that from my viewpoint, this is what I see. I will then ask, for their view also. So, be honest, direct and tell it like you SEE it.”


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