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Planning a step at a time—then pushing it to the limit! Love it!

I was thinking just this morning how I get such a “high” when I pull off what I originally saw as next to impossible within a specific time frame. I’m a diligent planner. Yet, I know myself well enough to know that although I plan far in advance, I also tend to push the envelope when it comes to hitting deadlines.

Over time, I chip away at a project, a proposal, prep for a meeting, correspondence——I take copious notes, shifting my focus from one thing to another, until I have enough information in each area to provide a launching pad for aggressive progress towards completion, right about when the respective deadlines loom. Or, should I say to provide a launching pad for my insane last minute somewhat enjoyable frenzy? It works for me, and I’m learning through conversations, that it may work for many of us.

As the deadline approaches, I’m aware that I’m procrastinating although I’m not necessarily wasting time because I might apply my energy or time to a not-yet due, but worthy project. The closer I get to the deadline the more I can feel myself physically reacting to this self-induced stress that I’ve finally come to realize, I thrive on. I become extremely focused, working diligently towards the finish line. Creativity abounds. Productivity escalates. And the anticipation of the feeling I get when I successfully crunch to reach the finish line once again, as promised, is exhilarating! For years, I struggled to do it differently until I realized that I don’t need to struggle and I don’t need to do it differently. I need to accept myself, expect my tendencies to prevail, and let go of it.

Can you relate? Or is moving towards a deadline a totally different experience for you?


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