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Training or Coaching Service Representatives? Here’s a tool that may help.

I designed the following self-evaluation as an opening exercise for workshops/coaching sessions I’ve facilitated over the years in varied service arenas (i.e., telephone customer service; internal service/support departments; client interaction/services). You can easily fine-tune it to best fit your audience and needs. The idea is that it can be used as a great opening exercise to help trainees reflect on their own successes and challenges, and focus on where they may choose and welcome development during their training and/or coaching experience.

So, here you go. . . . . .
Service Attitude Self-Evaluation

Top-notch service calls for a service attitude, professionalism, accuracy, efficiency, and effective communication. Place a checkmark in the box next to those areas where you feel you excel, and a dot in the box next to those where you feel you may be able to improve the level of service that you’re providing. (This is for your eyes and benefit only.) Based on the results ask yourself where you might welcome and focus on new approaches/skills to help you best provide service to your external and/or internal customers.

❑ I naturally tend to go the extra mile for my customers, clients, coworkers and/or supervisor/manager.

❑ I remember to maintain the esteem of my customers/managers/coworkers/organization regardless of the circumstances.

❑ I am consistent about probing/asking questions for specific information from my internal and external customers so that I’m sure to clarify, understand, and respond to, their needs.

❑ I tend to be a good listener.

❑ I am conscientious daily about the efficiency of my calls/conversations at work.

❑ I’m confident among customers and/or business partners when they may be disagreeable or upset.

❑ When I identify a need for more efficiencies, or a different approach on the job, I tend to take the time to recommend and document specific solutions to my supervisor or manager.

❑ Generally, I’m successful at separating my frustrations from the energy I give others.

❑ I return email and voice mail inquiries promptly.

❑ I have specific approaches I use when I find myself needing to respectfully, yet efficiently, close a call or conversation.

❑ I take the initiative to find resources or seek coaching when I feel I need more help or training.

❑ I’m thoughtful about my service attitude, professional appearance and presence.

❑ I’m approachable and happy to serve as a resource to my customers, coworkers, supervisors, and/or managers.


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