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Staff or Leadership Retreats are launching pads for action—not stand-alone solutions.

Leadership and/or staff Retreats are great opportunities to bring people together on common ground to work (and sometimes play) towards common goals. They offer ample time (often not easy to come by) for professionals to slow down a bit and come together—in a different light—for conversation, skill-building, and/or problem solving.

A great goal or objective for a full-day Retreat is to provide a launching point for further collaboration, effective communication, and agreed-upon actions towards the team’s and/or organization’s hopes and goals.

Where it gets a bit more complex is in the expectations for long-term results from a stand-alone program.

An experienced facilitator will promise a meaningful day for the large majority, if not all, of the participants. He/she might also expect a short-term increase in improved feelings among a team or self-reflection of team members relating to their contributions to positive dynamics and results.

For any kind of sustainable change, however, the real work comes after the leadership or staff Retreat. Check out this entry I posted last year—Soft skills training—without structured follow up—not the best investment. It offers some very doable follow-up ideas and strategies that are also applicable here if you want to generate sustainable results.


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