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When personal problems affect us at work . . .

Sometimes we’re on a roll at work. We’re at our best. We’re focused, sharp, and managing our workload effectively. We’re gaining respect and recognition for our contributions. We thrive on the demands of the day. Yet, there are those times when life hands us some tough issues at home, or within our extended circle of family or friends. We might be heartbroken for a loved one who is ill or suffering. We might be stretching ourselves thin as we strive to be there for those we love. We may be ill ourselves or dealing with loss, or stress, or internal struggles.

If this post finds you in a funk because of personal distractions, give yourself some slack. Tough times are a natural part of the human condition, and no one is exempt.

Figure out what you’re able to maintain and manage during this time, where you may need temporary support—professionally and personally—and reach out for help. Then plan and manage your workload and personal demands accordingly. One more thing. Ask yourself what you have to be grateful for. It can serve as a great interrupter and it may help, in the moment, to shift your thinking and mood.

If you’re in the midst of the good stuff of life right now, it may be a good time to consider when you might choose family or friends over work, when all’s going well. Whether it’s attending a child’s or grandchild’s sports event, or tending to a relationship that may need some special attention, or simply taking off a little early to spend time with a parent or loved one, we have opportunities every day to revisit and keep straight, our most valued priorities.

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